Big Data

The contents about of data storage, data mining and analysis.

Internet of Things and Smart Future trainings

Internet of Things communication technologies
Training is suitable for all who need to know the trends in the modern communications technologies of the Internet of Things and to understand the specifics of low-energy wireless technologies.

NB-IoT and development of the NB-IoT device
Learn about basic concepts of developing connected smart home IoT devices.

IoT sensor development and LoRaWAN network configuration
Lean how to use modern low-energy LoRaWAN wireless technologies and platforms for displaying sensor data

M2M, sensors and architectures of the Internet of Things
The course provides an overview of trends in the field of services and applications M2M – IoT.

Raspberry Pi
Izrazito praktična delavnica, ki predstavi zelo poceni alternativo dragim profesionalnim napravam in strežnikom, ki s širokim naborom zmožnosti rešuje probleme in najde prostor v (skoraj) vsakem okolju.

Cloud: Virtualization, NFV and SDN
Overview of technologies, trends and standardization in the field of SDNs and NFV concepts. Get insight into concrete approaches and implementations of SDN networks in industry.

Hey Siri, I'm home (Smart home)
Training offers an overview of open source and paid home automation solutions.

IoT Security
Specific ICT security challenges of the IoT systems are presented.

Blockchain and Bitcoin
For the past few years, value growth and innovation in the field of cryptocurencies, especially Bitcoin, have been noticeable. Within this course we will explain the technical and non-technical aspects of why it is so interesting for many users, innovative entrepreneurs and investors.

Web infrastructure and application technologies
Web infrastructure and application technologies.