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Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy programmes are focused o knowledge and skills which are necesary for analisys, implementation, configuration and maintainance of computer networks. Participants gain outstanding knowledga of networkig technologies, better platform for future studies and with certificates given they obtain better career options.

Cisco certified Network Associate

>>CCNA programme in four modules deals with networking technologies in vast and wholesome manner. Participants get to know basic elements and concepts of networking tecnologies nad gain skills for analisys, implementation and maintainance small to middle size computer networks.

CCNA Security

>>Network security and efficient management of various threats are becoming increasingly desirable skills.

Cisco Certified Network Professional

>>CCNP curriculum coincides with Cisco CCNP certification which confirms high level of expertise to implement, configure and control convergent local and wide area networks.

Cisco Networking Academy

The CCNA, CCNA Security and CCNP courses give you an excellent understanding in the field of network technologies and provide you the skills required for planning, establishing, configuring and supporting computer networks. Trainings of Cisco Network Academy are renowned for thorough and in-depth knowledge. The internationally-recognized program, organized worldwide, boosts a modern learning approach, comprehensive practical work on professional network equipment as well as renowned and highly priced knowledge.

Level-based programs can provide means of re-training or upgrade-training. The programs can be adapted to different needs of engineers and other network experts as well as to absolute beginners, who are only starting their career in the field of ICT.


Instructor Training Center/Academy Support Center


In our ITC (Instructor Training Center) we can train you for the career as an Cisco Academy instructor. As ACS (Academy Support Center) we help manage and establish new ones.




Cisco certificates have been very desired in the ICT fields for years.


Cisco networking academy